Our philosophy is not to have standardized products and silly names mede by us.


We just have technique and experience to produce one of the best bedding products with high-quality materials.

Su Misura

Try our Su Misura system to satisfy your taste in bedding.

Su Misura




Many different types of machines are used to apply high technology.
Our trained manpower is also there to finish the process that cannot be done by computerized machines.
With our trained manpower, we continuously put effort to lower the percentage of defectives and manufacture superior products.


We never destroy nature for unethical mass production.
One of our mission is to keep our nature green and we continuously study and research to live along with nature.
Most of our products are produced without blowing agents(cfc's) and have a low environmental impact.

Don't Worry. We got you covered!

We are very confident and proud of what we manufactured.
All items of UNTERZO are traceable by using barcode system and are guaranteed for maximum 10 years of limited warranty.
You can use our contact system for your warranty.
"Warranty condition may vary depending on which part and which materials are used. Please check with retail stores in your country.

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